Clasps for Bracelets & Necklaces

clasps for bracelets

What’s a Clasp and How Can It Enhance Your Precious Jewelry?

A gold clasp is a piece of jewelry that is used to fasten the ends of a bracelet, necklace or other such item. Clasps can be made out of various materials like metal, wood, plastic and even gems. The clasp needs to be easy and quick for the wearer to use, so most clasps are designed with a spring mechanism. There is also a safety chain that can help prevent loss of jewelry in case it falls off.

Clasps as an Important Design Detail to Enhance the Beauty of Your Jewelry

Jewelry design is an art, and the clasp holds the jewelry together. The clasp design can affect not just the beauty of your jewelry, but also its convenience. Regarding the design, a clasp can be a simple strap or a more complicated mechanism, but it will depend on your preference and what you need for your jewelry piece.

Different Types of Jewelry Clasps for Your Bracelet or Necklace

There are many different kinds of clasps that can be used with precious jewelry. Some common types include:

Lobster Clasps: Lobster clasps got their name from their shape which looks like a lobster’s claw. They are a very popular type of clasp because it is easy to put on and take off. They can either be hidden behind beads or it might have been put on the back of the pieces which makes it hard to see how it was put together. 

Bolo Clasps: Bolo clasps are typically used in Western wear. They are typically made of a string of leather that is threaded through a metal loop and then tied. Bolo clasps can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, leather, or cord.They are also largely made from a string of the same material as the bracelet or necklace itself and threaded through a metal loop to make a knot at the end that is then tightened down to keep it in place.

Barrel Clasps: A barrel clasp is a type of jewelry clasp that is made out of metal and has a round shape. There are two kinds of barrel clasps: self-closing and one-hand opening. Self-closing barrel clasps close by themselves and need to be squeezed to open it. One-hand opening barrel clasps, on the other hand, can be easily opened with just one hand by pushing or rotating the barrel in the appropriate direction.

Bead/Ball Clasps: A ball and bead clasp is most often used with cord or string because it can be closed without any additional clasps or other hardware. The closure fits over the end of the cord and the size of the bead on either end provides enough weight to keep it in place, making it easy to take on and off.

Fish Hook Clasps: Fish Hook clasps are made by cutting a hole in one end of the clasp and bending the other end back to form two hooks. The hooks are inserted through one side of the jewelry piece and then hooked through the other side to fasten it together.

Magnetic Clasps: Magnetic clasps come in different shapes and sizes. They’re commonly found on children’s jewelry where they’re designed to be more safe than traditional types of clasps for children who might get their necklace stuck around their neck or get strangled by them.

Toggle Clasps: Toggle clasps are named as such because they use a toggle that moves up and down to open and close a hinge beneath it, which is usually made out of metal, bone, or wood. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Spring Ring Clasps: Spring ring clasps are typically made from metal and come in various designs and shapes. They are one of the easiest types of clasps to open and close and are also often used for bracelets because they can be opened with one hand.

Swivel Clasps: Swivel clasps have a spring-loaded pin that provides some tension against the clasp while it is being closed, allowing some give when opening and closing the clasp. They also have a safety chain on one side so the pin cannot be opened accidentally while wearing it.

Buckle Clasps: Buckle clasps come in different shapes, sizes, finishes, and materials. The most important part of a buckle clasp is the actual buckle part which goes around the bracelet or necklace to hold it together. The other parts are the loops which go around each side of the buckle to serve as catching points for a hook or eye closure that attaches to the other end of the bracelet or necklace.

Pearl Clasps: Pearl clasps are an intricate part of jewelry design. The type of clasp you will use depends on the type of jewelry you are making and your personal preference. Even more so than their closing mechanism, the range of styles available on the market is abundant and can be customized to suit a design or occasion.

Diamond Pearl Clasps: Combining the elegance of pearls with the sparkle of diamonds, these clasps add a touch of luxury to any jewelry piece. Perfect for high-end designs, they offer both security and sophistication in a variety of styles.


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