How to Identify a Vintage Pearl Necklace?

Vintage Pearl Pendant Necklace

Check for the Signs Before You Commit!

Pearls make an excellent statement either by themselves or when paired with other jewelry and outfits. Additionally, they are adaptable and allow people to stay within the parameters of their own styles. Depending on your style and preference, some people may prefer contemporary jewelry while others may prefer vintage jewelry based on their own taste and preferences.

The challenge that this creates for the latter is that identifying the extent of realism can be quite a chore. In the first place, vintage pearls are rarely purchased with all the correct certifications. It is also important to mention that there is an aspect of age involved in this issue. So, in order to be able to locate vintage pearls of high quality, what can be done? Here are some insights that can help you make an informed decision as you purchase that long-awaited vintage pearl pendant necklace.

Shape of the Pearls

Taking a closer look at the necklace, if you were to try to see the shape of the pearls, what shape would you see? If you find that all of the pearls are perfectly symmetrical, you are likely being swindled and should consider purchasing elsewhere.

Remember that pearls come from an animal, which means that they’re formed by nature. The result is a host of physical differences from one Pearl to the next. Indeed, you won’t see these by just glancing, but a closer look will tell you all you need to know. Look for a slight variation in the color, shape, and size of the pearls on your vintage necklace.

Light Reflection

Another good way is to use light to help you on your journey of discovery. If there is one thing that can’t be faked, it’s the luster and depth that real pearls tend to have. What this means is that when you shine a light on them, you’re going to end up with a reflective surface. In other words, it’s not going to have a hollow appearance that allows the lights to pass through.

The Skin Layers

One more interesting point to note about the pearls is the skin layers on the inside. A vintage necklace will probably have pearls featuring a drill hole. Simply take your flashlight and shine into them along with a magnifying glass. What do you see? Does everything look uniform? If so, you are likely dealing with a counterfeit product that you should ignore.

On the flip side, if you see onion-like skin layers inside of the pearl, then it’s usually a sign of realism. While getting this done would probably be a bit of a stretch, you could also consider getting the pearls x-rayed if possible.

The Temperature Test

Did you know that real pearls have a temperature that you can use to identify them? If you ever heard anyone talking about pearls being cool, this statement speaks to more than the visual appeal that they tend to have. Regardless of the temperature around you, you’ll find that the pearls in the necklace remain relatively cool throughout.

Of course, they’re not made of ice, so they’re not going to be cold, but they shouldn’t feel warm at all. 

Article Summary

A vintage Pearl pendant necklace can make quite the statement for just about anyone. However, identifying the authenticity of such a product can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. The insights above should help tremendously with this to ensure that you end up making the fashion statement you intended to.

Of course, you can visit a reputable 18K gold jewelry supplier for a proper evaluation of the piece. If you’re going to do that though, then it may be a good idea to simply buy the vintage piece there as well. After all, no one can deny the sheer appeal that a vintage gold pearl necklace has. Statement jewelry like this is quite rare! 

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