Seven Earring Trends of 2023 You Need to Know About

Earring Trends of 2023

Whether you prefer something simple and dainty or extravagant and daring, no outfit is truly complete without a pair of earrings. If you’re hoping to remain fashion-forward on your accessories, you might wonder what earring designs are trendy this year. 

Keep reading to learn more about the most popular earring trends in 2023.

Pearl Earrings

Nothing quite beats the allure of classic pearl earrings. These jewelry pieces are often described as the most wearable jewelry piece because they aren’t restricted in terms of the color of your outfit or accessories.

Whether you’re attending a black-tie dinner or simply heading to the store, pearl earrings are the perfect choice. It’s no surprise that this classic piece is still as popular as ever! 

Dangly Earrings with Leverback Findings

These earrings are a fun and eye-catching addition to any jewelry collection! It’s not surprising that many individuals gravitate toward suspended styles, given their potential to be vibrant, youthful, and distinctive.

Wearing this style is also a fantastic way to add color to a dull outfit. If you’re sporting the classic black dress or going for neutral colors, hanging pieces with white gold leverback earring findings make the perfect choice to add a bit of glamor or vibrancy to the look.

Sculptural Earrings

Sculptural pieces that feature unique designs or geometric shapes are also expected to increase in popularity in 2023. These jewelry pieces are fashion-forward and can make quite a statement, so if you want to stand out from the crowd and be complimented for your unique earrings, try a sculptural style!

The Classic Hoop

Who could forget the classic hoop earring that never goes out of fashion? The popular style of hoop earrings changes every year. Elegant hoops in gold and silver are still fashionable in all sizes, and diamond-encrusted hoops can add a touch of elegance.

You could even stack the hoops, combining different sizes and materials for a distinctive and fashionable appearance.

Drop Earrings

Even though they typically don’t stand out as much as their close relative, dangling earrings, drop earrings can also be bolder and more striking in appearance. They are available in so many styles and looks that you can dress them up or down. Choose diamond-studded drop earrings for a formal event, or go simple for a more casual affair.

Simple Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are definitely in this year! These are one of the most prominent earring trends over the years, and it’s unlikely that the simple diamond piece will ever lose its popularity.

If you like to keep it simple, you can’t go wrong with diamond studded earrings! You can keep them as straightforward or as “dressy” as you prefer.

Rose Gold Earrings

Rose gold jewelry has become increasingly popular over the past decade, and women everywhere continue to pursue lustrous rose gold pieces. Again, the sky is the limit here in terms of design. Add stones for a more sophisticated look, or go for something more straightforward for a casual look.

Need Help Finding Trendy Earrings?

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